When The Chef’s Away……

It is always a good test of a kitchen to see how it performs when the Head Chef decides it’s time for a holiday.  Where better to do this than at one of our favourite restaurants the Straight + Narrow in Limehouse – and so we did!

Putting our trust in Chefs Jack and Drew who had been left in charge, we ventured forth on Friday evening with friends in tow and threw ourselves at their mercy.  All the time I was reminding myself of that old saying “when the cat’s away, the mice shall play…”.

Now Head Chef David Cousin will say… “they will do exactly what I told them to do…”, but we all know cooking doesn’t really work like that, especially when two young chefs are presented with a full restaurant.  But I can put Head Chef Dave’s mind at rest.  His kitchen staff performed brilliantly.  Our food was beautifully cooked and presented, service was seamless and a fantastic time was had by all.  A testament to the training of these two young men and their skills in executing their craft.

For the record, we ate:

  • Watermelon & Cucumber – still one of the best starters I have had in years!
  • Prawn Cocktail – a modern twist on a retro dish
  • Soy Glazed Pork Belly – enhanced by an Asian Apple Sauce
  • Rib-eye Steak
  • Lamb and Apricot Pie
  • Salted Caramel Tart
  • Cheese

A small selection of photos follow – some of the dishes we ate before remembering to take a picture!!!

We drank

  • The obligatory bottle of Prosecco
  • Vinacerrada Rioja Bianco
  • El Esteco Malbec

and left as very customers…  A big thumbs up again to the staff at the Straight + Narrow!

Restaurant Details:

Straight + Narrow Restaurant

The Mosaic Building
45 Narrow Street
Limehouse, London
E14 8DN

Telephone:  020 3745 8345

Email:  info@thestraightandnarrow.co.uk

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