Hyttefadet Pub & Bar – A Danish Delight

“Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen” so the song goes and we were lucky enough to find a true example of this in a charming little restaurant called Hyttefadets Pub on Nyhavn (the street with all of the coloured houses on the Nyhavn canal).


Wandering around the City on a damp day, we had worked up an appetite and were looking for a bite to eat and refuge from the rain. By chance, we chose to stop at Hyttefadet, a small pub/restaurant in the middle of a long line of restaurants located along the Nyhavn canal.  Hyttefadet is a cosy, quaint establishment with something of a history dating back to 1734. Initally serving as a refuge for sailors and “ladies of easy virtue”,Nyhavn was known as the “naughty side of Copenhagen”. In the mid-1960’s Nyhavn was revitalized and by 1980, the quay had been pedestrianised becoming the popular spot it is now, enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.


We were greeted by two charming members of staff working there, Kasper and Iva, who, speaking perfect English, provided us with a warm welcome. The lunchtime menu primarily consists of the traditional Dansk smørreebørd or Open sandwiches. We chose a Smoked Salmon sandwich with scrambled eggs, dill and served on white bread and a Fried Fillet of Flounder served with shrimp, mayonnaise, dill and lemon served on Rye Bread.  I had to add a Pickled Herring because how can you come to Denmark and NOT have a pickled herring!

pickled herring

The Pickled Herring is lovely if you like that sort of thing – and I do!  The fish was soft and the pickle is slightly sweet which is offset by red onion and capers and accompanied by a lovely piece of Rye bread.

smoked salmon

The Smoked Salmon sandwich sitting on a slice of white bread and accompanied by a potato salad and asparagus was generous to say the least!  The salmon had a light smoke to it, sprinkled with fresh lemon juice and a twist of black pepper, this was a delightful dish for lunch.  It could be improved perhaps by serving it with Rye Bread rather than White Bread, but this is purely a matter of personal taste.

Fried Flounder and Shrimp

The Fried Flounder with Shrimps and Mayonnaise sandwich was, without question, the star of the meal.  Sitting on rye bread was two perfectly fried fillets of flounder – a delicate white flatfish.  It is so easy to overcook this fish but not in this case!  The fish was  perfect in every way encased in crispy breadcrumbs.  The generous mound of shrimps were plump, tasty and a marvellous accompaniment to the flounder.  The mayonnaise was delicate and added a richness to the sandwich.  Perhaps the only mistake here was my own – I should have ordered two of these sandwiches!!

If you visit Copenhagen, you will undoubtedly end up on Nyhavn.  If you do so, I would encourage you to search out Hyttefadet Pub.  The welcome you will receive and the food you will eat will make it worth your while.

Restaurant Details:

Hyttefad Pub & Bar

Address:  Nyhavn 25, DK-11051, Copenhagen K, Denmark

Phone:  +45 3312 0107

Email:  info@hyttefadet.dk

Web:  www.hyttefadet.dk

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