Cooking with Kids – It’s Burger Time!

It’s always fun cooking with my great-niece Reya – although only having seven tender years behind her, this young lady knows what she wants from the kitchen!  So this time it was Beef Burgers for dinner.



  • 900gms (2lbs) of Minced Beef – pick a mince with a 15% fat content!
  • 1 Onion – finely chopped (or grated if you want a smoother burger patty)
  • 1 Egg – beaten
  • 4 Tablespoons breadcrumbs (optional)
  • 1 Tablespoon dried Oregano
  • 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce
  • Salt and Pepper (to taste)
  • 2 cloves Garlic (crushed)

Note 1:  It’s unlikely that you will get a seven year old to either finely chop and onion (too dangerous) or to grate one (too many tears), so that is a job for the grownups.

Note 2:  I always add a few breadcrumbs to the mix as it helps bind everything together.

Note 3:  I did not add the garlic to this batch of Burgers as the munchkins are not great fans of it – for adults, I would!

On to the fun stuff – METHOD:

This one is complicated – tip all ingredients into a bowl – be generous with your seasoning – and get your hands in to mix it all together.  As you can see, this was FUN…..

Once all the ingredients are well and truly mixed together then its time to make the burger patties.  Six ounces (about 170 gms) of the mix makes a generous burger for adults and I was informed that four ounces (about 113 gms) is about right for little girls.  I use a mould to shape the burgers, but they are as easy to shape with your hands.  With this amount of burger mix, you should get around eight big burgers or more little ones!


Before cooking the burgers put them in your fridge for about twenty minutes – this firms up the patties and they won’t fall apart while cooking.

finished burgers4

So, COOKING your burgers:

Place them under a pre-heated grill, or on your BBQ and cook for around fifteen minutes – I turn them once during the cooking process but you may want to turn the patties a few more times.

SERVING your burgers:

I serve my burgers on a lightly toasted sesame seed bun, so while your burgers are resting, toast your buns!

If you want a cheese-burger, place a thin slice of cheese of your choice over the cooked burger while it is resting.

Contrary to the popular serving of burgers in restaurants, I do not load my burgers with lettuce, tomato, pickles or red onion – this is just a matter of personal taste – instead I make a mixed salad for grown ups to accompany their burger.  I tend to serve my burgers with a smear of Dijon mustard on the base of the burger bun and top the burgers with home-made caramelised onions and avocado, then on to a plate with a generous portion of french fries.

By this stage, I was too excited about eating my burger to take any photographs of the finished article – I must learn to do so for future posts.

Hope you enjoy!!

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