A Rave: WATERMELON and CUCUMBER from Straight + Narrow Restaurant, Limehouse, London

I find myself writing again about the Straight + Narrow restaurant in Limehouse… well, it is on my way home from the train station and it is all too easy to siddle in with my pathetic excuse “I’m too tired to cook myself”!

Rather than a complete review of my meal, I just had to highlight a new Starter on the Straight + Narrow’s new Summer menu – Charred Watermelon, pickled cucumber and  Yorkshire fettle.

How, I asked myself, do you extract £7.00 of value from a piece of watermelon, a couple of strips of pickled cucumber and a few cubes of Yorkshire fettle (Feta cheese from Yorkshire to the uninitiated)?  I mean, really, £7.00?  Did it come with edible gold leaf? Sprinkled with precious stones?  So, with curiosity getting the better of me, I had to give it a go.

Well……. where do I start… apart from looking delicious on the plate – a block of compressed watermelon, charred on top, strips of lightly pickled cucumber interlacing cubes of salty Yorkshire fettle cheese, finished with pea shoots and a wonderful citrus dressing… it tasted every bit as good as it looked.

Light and refreshing but almost meaty in its texture, this is summer on a plate and bursting with flavour, Chef Dave Cousin has pulled it off again with an other wonderfully original dish (at least to me it is)!  It set me up for the hearty Pork Belly that was to come…

I think it is worth a cheeky little stop-off on your way home for this little dish all by itself!


Restaurant Details:

Straight + Narrow, The Mosaic Building, 45 Narrow Street, London E14 8DN

Tel:  020 3745 8345

www:  http://www.thestraightandnarrow.co.uk


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