Steak Knives – What’s the point?

Okay, it’s time for my second rant!  Steak Knives…. What the heck is the point of steak knives?

I am sick and tired of ordering a steak and then being handed a different knife that resembles something that might once have been owned by that famous frontiersman, Jim Bowie.  A knife which, if I carried it on the street, would undoubtedly lead to my arrest; a knife for which I need some serious time in the gym just to be able to lift it…. I just don’t get it!

You should be able to cut a really good steak with the side of your fork, a good steak with a regular knife and have NO NEED for knives with a sharper edge.  If a steak, or any meat for that matter, is of need of a sharper blade, then it is highly likely I will need sharper teeth to eat it!

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