Childhood Memories @ the Straight + Narrow, Limehouse, E14

Well….  What a start to the Evening Standard’s London Food Month!!!

Chef Dave Cousin at the Straight + Narrow in Limehouse has gone back in time for his inspired Childhood Memories Menu available during this June in London’s Food Month.

Time proven classics – Crackling Skins, Prawn Cocktail, Chicken Kiev and Jelly & Ice Cream –  but each with a banging modern twist.


Crackling Skins came along in the form of Pork Scratchings, Roasted Chicken Skins and Roasted Duck Skins, each with their own accompaniment – a Burnt Apple Puree for the Pork, a Lemon curd for the Chicken and a Cherry jam for the Duck.  All beautifully balanced and washed down with a refreshing Pimms Spritzer cocktail.

Prawn Cocktail 1Next up, Prawn Cocktail.  Now who doesn’t like Prawn Cocktail – that classic retro dish of the 1970’s.  Well this is a classic brought triumphantly into 2017 with a marching band and cheer leaders behind it.  To me, this dish is the star of the show.

The base of the dish is a chargrilled baby gem lettuce adding a hint of smokiness to the dish.  The prawns are marinaded – not cooked – offering a subtle citrus tang.  The Marie Rose Sauce is so light and delicate yet bursting with flavour.  And it’s all topped off with a Bloody Mary Granita.  Had I been at home, I would have picked my dish up and licked it clean…. but my lovely Kate disapproves of me doing this in public!

I would happily have eaten a second helping and I really hope this dish makes it on the the S+N’s  main menu!

On to the main event, Chicken Kiev.  A dish I have not had in I don’t know how long and now I wonder why I have not!  A wonderful crispy exterior hiding perfectly cooked chicken and an oozing garlic and herb butter filling accompanied with a delicately smoked mashed potato and a fricassee of vegetables…….  Heavenly!

Jelly and Ice cream

And finally to dessert – Jelly & Ice Cream.  A base of crushed strawberries on top of which wobbled a custard panna cotta.  This was topped by a layer of strawberry jelly, followed by a scoop of strawberry rippled ice cream and sprinkled with some 100’s and 1,000’s.

Us boys scoffed our plates but, if the truth be known, the girls struggled to finish their panna cotta.  Absolutely nothing wrong with it (evidenced by the boys’ empty plates), but the girls had clearly left their pudding tummies at home.  The ice cream is a triumph!

We drank a refreshing white Rioja with the meal which stood up really well to all of the flavours assaulting our senses – Great value at £21 per bottle!!

For those of you who are looking to take advantage of all that is on offer during London Food Month – and there is a lot on offer – do yourselves a favour and make the trip over to Limehouse.  This menu is definitely worth the trip!!

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