The Pearson Room – shining in Canary Wharf.

Review – 22nd March 2017

The Pearson Room

Canary Wharf, E14

When you want a quiet and tranquil place to be able to sit and contemplate the world, or just work quietly while having breakfast, The Pearson Room is one of my “go to” places.

The Pearson Room1

Looking out over Canada Square at Canary Wharf, The Pearson Room offers light and space and while it is a bustling restaurant, there is just a pleasant hum about the place.  The staff   working there are friendly and attentive and its breakfast menu offers up two of my favourites – Corned Beef Hash and Eggs Benedict.  There are plenty of options for the more healthy-minded (egg-white omelette and the like) should you wish to go in that direction.

BUT, how can you not like Eggs Benedict….

Eggs BenedictBeautifully balanced hollandaise sauce, perfectly poached eggs oozing soft, unctuous yolk and a delicately flavoured ham all perched on a toasted muffin.  This is food porn on a plate!  All washed down by a large mug – yes, a MUG – of coffee!

The Pearson Room does a busy lunchtime and evening trade, offering good, reasonably-priced, fresh food, it’s not surprising that it is a favoured destination for Canary Wharf’s workers.  Evening time sees a change of pace for The Pearson Room when the bar gets busy – really busy – as it transforms into a favoured watering hole.

But it remains one of my favourite breakfast hideaways.


Address: 16-19 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5ER

Telephone: 020 7970 0920


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